How to Make Solar Panels More Affordable

Over the last decade, the cost of solar panels has plummeted by 90%. However, for consumers, the initial investment can be a deterrent.

We have a long way to go if we want to defeat climate change. Even while solar is one of the fastest-growing renewable electricity sectors, it still accounts for barely 3% of global electricity production.

We need to make energy from the sun even more inexpensive.

The Issues with High Solar Panel Prices

Silicon is used by solar panel manufacturers because it is efficient and long-lasting. A single panel can provide more than 80% of its peak power for a minimum of 25 years.

For decades, silicon has driven the solar panel business. Despite the availability of various materials on the market, silicon remains the most often utilized semiconductor material in solar cells.

Unfortunately, bottlenecks in the silicon supply chain are halting solar panel production. Despite its advantages, crystalline silicon is difficult to make, which hinders the manufacturing of solar panels.

Minimizing Solar Panel Prices

Any problems with solar panel production or delivery can raise the cost of the final installation. So, here are a few tips to assist keep solar installation costs low.

1. Thorough product selection

It’s not just the value of the equipment, but the kind of equipment you choose that can make or break your setup.

When it comes to options, there are two factors to consider: technological improvements and physical characteristics. We spent a large amount of time analyzing the offered items and narrowing down the best possibilities for you so that you have alternatives at your convenience.

The size of the panel, for example, is a factor that can have significant repercussions for you. A larger panel may require less racking, which may result in cost reductions. However, going too large may result in a huge rise in labor costs, which is less helpful to your cause.

2. Installation work

Labor expenses are rising, and the longer it takes to construct a solar panel installation, the more money you lose.

Every time someone needs to climb a ladder to get parts and then return to the roof, it costs money and adds no value to the solar system.

Thankfully, we believe in the lean philosophy. Lean thinking, in a nutshell, implies minimizing waste and streamlining as often as possible.

3. Fees for permits

Permitting and housing fees are all included in the installation expenses. It may appear impossible to decrease these expenses as an installer, but Solar Car Energy believes that collaborating together may improve the industry’s general well-being.

We have professionals who are working diligently with governments, municipalities, and companies to improve efficiencies and save expenses for you. It’s a work in progress, but we believe in making efforts to help the solar sector thrive.

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