It is obvious that the future of mobility is electric. Kusolarcar is here to help you upgrade to commercial EV chargers. Here are the benefits you can get from installing commercial EV charging systems:


You will get local tax incentives and discounts on utilities.

Fast Charging

Commercial EV charging systems offer fast and reliable charging to ensure that you are back on the road in about 30 minutes. 


With commercial EV charging, you are in the driver’s seat as far as your vehicle’s infrastructure is concerned. 

Kusolarcar has a countrywide network of installers to handle commercial EV installations for businesses, workplaces, and parking lots. 

Level 3 Supercharging

It is the fastest EV charging option that is highly recommended for commercial use.

Fully Designed Plan

All Kusolarcar EV charging installations come fully engineered. We look at the existing infrastructure and determine what will work best in your specific location. You don’t need to be an EV expert as we will handle all your needs. 

Power Sharing Solutions

This is an incredible capability that will allow for multiple EVs to be charged at the same time. You do not have to worry that you will overpower your charging system. The system will sense when the car is done charging and send power to the EVs that need charging. 

This ensures that the entire system is balanced and creates a safe and economical charging ecosystem. 

Permit Services

Kusolarcar will pull all the permits that are required to perform all the services and installations required. 

Bring Your Fleet into the Electric World

At Kusolarcar, our mission is to provide you with enough EV charging solutions to keep your fleet running every day. We are committed to ensuring we contribute to a cleaner planet with our zero-emission vehicles. 

In collaboration with various stakeholders including school districts, municipalities, and governments, we are at the forefront of fostering strategic infrastructure master plans. 

Why Choose Kusolarcar for your EV Charging System Installation

Kusolarcar is best suited to bring your fleet of vehicles into the electric world because we have the expertise, experience, qualifications, and resources necessary to provide high-quality EV installation services. 

You will get a quote based on your unique needs. Our installations are a great investment that will offer you a good return on investment. 

We have different payment solutions and once we determine the best charger for you, we will come to an agreement on the way forward.