Over the years, Kusolarcar has been at the forefront of helping property owners reap the benefits of having EV charging systems in their residences.

When tenants request an upgrade to EV charging, we help property owners provide the ideal solutions. Our team will duly obtain all the necessary documentation and compliance.  

The advantages of installing residential EV charging systems include the following:

  • Keeps you ahead – There is a high demand for residential EV charging systems. Installing an EV station puts you ahead of the curve. 
  • Selling point – When you install an EV charging station in your property, you will entice prospective tenants to rent your space. 
  • Sustainability – Going green with EV charging stations will also attract environmentally conscious tenants to your property.
  • Incentives – You can qualify for incentives and rebates from local authorities and the government when you install EV charging stations. 

Kusolarcar Services

Our technicians will collaborate with you to build solutions that meet your standards. We also have the know-how to guide you through the process of obtaining the relevant permits required to install EV stations. 

Payment Solutions

You can look at your EV charging station as an investment opportunity. It has the potential for a good return on investment. We will also make sure to provide the most ideal equipment with the right payment solutions. 

Accurate Metering Solutions

At Kusolarcar, you get individual metering units to enable you to get readings on each of your EV charging stations. It is a very convenient solution for residential properties because you will have bills for each of your tenants. 

When coupled with assigned parking, there will be little to no management required on your part. 

Enables Power Sharing

Kusolarcar designs EV charging stations that allow for power sharing. You will get a system that can charge multiple EVs without overloading your power station. 

It is an economical solution because it shuts off and transfers power to the other stations when it senses that your car is fully charged.

Fully Engineered Designs

The EV charging solutions that we provide at Kusolarcar are fully designed. In other words, we provide an end-to-end solution. When the system is delivered to your residential property and our technicians handle the installation, no extras are required. 

You won’t be required to undertake any additional work on your station once our team is done. This means that you will not require any knowledge of EV charging stations.