We at Kusolarcar, in partnership with the best EV manufacturers, will install EV charging solutions for you. We offer the full range of EV services and there is no effort required on your part. This makes it easier to go electric with our EV services.

Revolutionary Renewable Energy

Whether you are a business, manufacturer, service provider, or simply a service provider, we have curated the right EV charging solution for you. We understand the importance of the installation phase when it comes to the adoption of EVs. 

We have leading software that ensures our customers get a memorable experience. Our cutting-edge tools and branded solutions promote the adoption of EV technology. 

Kusolarcar Installer Network

We manage an extensive third-party network of partners who are fully certified to install residential and commercial EV charging systems. You will find Kusolarcar or one of our partners in almost every town around the country.

If you are a certified EV services installer, you can easily apply to become one of our partners. Our team of experts will undertake due diligence on your operations before giving you the green light. 


Government Incentives and Utilities

In a bid to promote the uptake of renewable energy, the government offers incentives to people who use these technologies. At Kusolarcar, we provide you with the knowledge and information that you need to apply and qualify for the latest incentives from the government. 

Get a Digital Experience

As with all other modern technologies, offering a digital experience is at the forefront of our services. To ensure that the consumers of our EV services feel empowered and fully engaged in the process, we provide them with an interactive digital platform. 

Designing Unique Solutions

We are experts at designing EV services for different clientele. We have a design department that specializes in creating unique models to suit the tastes of various customers.

Quality Customer Service

We have a team of supportive customer support staff that work with our customers to ensure that they easily transition to the EV system. Our team is also very supportive in helping consumers choose the best solution for their needs.

Project Management

Kusolarcar has knowledgeable project managers in various areas and regions to ensure all our programs meet quality standards. This team has been instrumental in the large-scale implementation of EV charging systems in various areas.