Tesla EV Charger Options

Tesla is well-known among EV enthusiasts. Tesla has been a leading company in the EV sector since 2003, setting the benchmark for EV production across all fronts.

Much has been said about Tesla vehicles, but how about Tesla’s charging options? Are they any good? Let’s take a look at all of the charging choices accessible to EV owners and see how Tesla compares.

Tesla Wall Connector

The Tesla Wall Connector has a maximum power output of 48 amps. It also has a 24-foot wire length that allows it to reach all sides of your garage.

The NEC states that when pulling a continual load on an electrical system, you can only pull 80% of the limit in order to avoid causing a fire. As a result, you should have your electrician create a 60-amp line for the Tesla Wall Connector. 

The wall charger charges your Tesla at around 45 miles per hour on a Model 3, S, and Y, and 33 miles per hour on a Model X. It’s not a major difference when compared to the power adapter with a 14-50 plug.

If you have more than one Tesla at home and would want to share one adapter, the wall connector is an excellent option because it can load share to several vehicles.

Tesla Mobile Connector

Tesla originally included a Tesla Mobile Connector for residential charging with every car, but Tesla has withdrawn the charger from new vehicles.

The mobile connector comes with a 20-foot wire and interchangeable adapters for plugging into two different sources. It also includes a NEMA 5-15 converter for standard household outlets.

If you primarily use your Tesla for daily commuting, the Tesla Mobile Connector may be all you require for regular daily charging. You should expect to obtain three to four, possibly five miles of capacity every hour of charging.

However, that’s a long time to charge for something so small. As a result, the next best alternative is to connect to a domestic dryer plug, also known as a NEMA 14-50 outlet.

Using the mobile connector in this Tesla 14-50 adapter will provide you with a range of up to thirty miles per hour. Nothing else is required; simply put one end into a socket and the other into your Tesla, and charging will begin!

EMPORIA Smart EV Charger

The Emporia Level 2 smart residential EV station is an 11.5 kW charging station with high output. This intelligent home charger employs the J1772 charging protocol and includes a 24-foot output wire.

The charger also has built-in cord management. It can be connected to a 60-amp specialty breaker or connected to a 50-amp NEMA 14-50 socket.

The charger’s smart capabilities can be accessed via an app. Furthermore, the company offers a three-year warranty for regular home operation conditions.

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