We support EV manufacturers by offering end-to-end installation services. Our team ensures that the entire process runs seamlessly. We begin by visiting your site to understand exactly what you need so that we can recommend the ideal solution for you. 

Our experts will then work with you to obtain the relevant permits from the relevant authorities. Basically, the process goes like this;

Pre-install Services

After visiting your site, we will undertake feasibility studies to know what will work best for you. This is done in collaboration with property owners to ensure we install the EV station that will leave them feeling great about themselves. 

After concluding all the design consultations, we will get all the contractor and job details on paper. 

Installation Services

Next comes the actual installation of the EV charging station. Whether we are installing the system in parking lots, multi-unit residential dwellings, or commercial buildings, we ensure the entire process goes as smoothly as possible. 

We will then do network configuration to get your EV charging station up and running. Additionally, we offer warranty management so that you will not have the worry that your station might break down in a few days and leave you miserable. 

Kusolarcar Software solutions

  • Customer Experience – Besides quality installation services, we aim to give our customers the best experience. We will have a team of customer support staff on the ground to help you understand anything that is not clear to you. 
  • Transparency – We have nothing to hide from our customers. Our team will let you in on all the details of the installation process. 
  • Customer Insights – We undertake research to understand what our customers want so that we can better address their needs. 
  • Unification – We are careful to provide a good bridge between EV charger consumers and the manufacturer, distributor, and EV charger installer. 

Infrastructure Updates

Kusolarcar also offers infrastructure upgrades working directly with contractors, project managers, and designers to help deliver the best EV installation services. We offer the following:

  • Upgrades to transformers
  • Upgrades for the switch gears
  • Main service upgrades
  • Upgrades to electrical panels

Commercial Infrastructure

Kusolarcar is also a provider of various commercial infrastructure services. These are essential for the smooth running of both public and private EV charging stations.

We do transformer installations, guides to obtaining permits, engineering and design services, load calculations, and panel installations. 

You can reach out to Kusolarcar to get a quote or for answers to any questions that you might have regarding our EV charging stations installation and maintenance services.