Canada’s Electricity Prices are Highly Related to War and Climate Change

We’ve all heard about the soaring price of oil, and now we’re hearing about another resource. Storms and a global supply shortage are driving up natural gas prices to unaffordable levels.
While we are more aware of rising oil prices when we go to fill up our cars, natural gas is a resource that millions of Canadians depend on but may not worry about as much. Natural gas is utilized to warm homes and businesses by almost two-thirds of Canadians.
What do skyrocketing natural gas prices imply for Canada and …

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How to Make Solar Panels More Affordable

Over the last decade, the cost of solar panels has plummeted by 90%. However, for consumers, the initial investment can be a deterrent.
We have a long way to go if we want to defeat climate change. Even while solar is one of the fastest-growing renewable electricity sectors, it still accounts for barely 3% of global electricity production.
We need to make energy from the sun even more inexpensive.
The Issues with High Solar Panel Prices
Silicon is used by …

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Tesla EV Charger Options

Tesla is well-known among EV enthusiasts. Tesla has been a leading company in the EV sector since 2003, setting the benchmark for EV production across all fronts.
Much has been said about Tesla vehicles, but how about Tesla’s charging options? Are they any good? Let’s take a look at all of the charging choices accessible to EV owners and see how Tesla compares.

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How to Get EV Chargers for an Apartment or Condo

EV sales totaled 6.6 million in 2021, with 2 million sold in the first half of 2022. Installing EV charging stations in homes is very simple, but not in condos and apartment blocks.
We’ve seen a considerable increase in the number of EV owners requesting our assistance in obtaining and installing EV outlets in their condos or apartment complexes and shared parking spaces. For everyone affected, this can be a very difficult undertaking.

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How Companies and Authorities Should Keep Up With EV Movements

Our society’s on-demand mindset, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, has only increased consumer demand for commodities. As the EV industry grows and expands, industries are scrambling to adapt in order to ensure they have the appropriate infrastructure to meet the needs of their customers.
Up-Front Vehicle and Charging Support Costs
EV prices are continuing to decline. Meanwhile, the upfront …

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The Design of Public and Commercial Spaces Following COVID-19

Physical distance and restrictions on the use of public settings have been important policy tools to prevent virus transmission and maintain public health. After all, the pandemic has had a tremendous impact on how people engage with one another, with long-term consequences for public and commercial urban planning.
The majority of people are following public health guidelines, as seen by the dramatic photos of …

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